One Big Idea by Ritu Midha: Being contextual matters

24 Apr,2013

By Ritu Midha


Context is the new key to ‘right’ communication. Content and consumer – what you want to say, and to whom, no doubt, continue to be the most important elements of communication strategy.


However, the context needs to be given far more importance than it is usually done – more so on television. More often than not advertisements stick like sore thumbs in ad breaks – what if a little more attention is paid to the content of the programmes, in which the ad is appearing? Would it benefit or harm an ad, if it is shown in a more apt programme at the loss of a few ad ratings?


The content also determines the audiences, and also their mood. Agreed that an ad does not appear only once in a day, and hence it is difficult to find correct matches – but is finding the correct context also that difficult? Most certainly not.


No doubt an ad has to be good enough, has to have the pull power to capture the consumers’ attention. Having said that, it being presented in the right context would make all the difference. At the risk of stretching my neck out I would say, a slightly weaker (which definitely does not mean dull and boring) ad might work better for a brand, than a ‘cool’ ad presented out of context.


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