One Big Idea by Kishor Kate: It’s okay to do away with gifts

29 Apr,2013

By Kishor Kate


My job requires me to be a Jack of all trades. So even though I don’t actually write stories or go on sales calls, everytime I answer a phone call and take the message, I have to digest the information that is being handed down. By now, I know what the message really means when I hand it over to the team. When I visit other offices for submission of invoices or collection of cheques, I notice the congenial atmosphere that exists in most media companies. At first I used to think it’s because of the relations of the respective bosses, but I know find it a common trait of media companies. This is not necessarily the case elsewhere where everything is a lot more formal. It is always good for people to enjoy their work and have fun at their workplace without sacrificing on discipline.


What I find noteworthy in my job and it’s perhaps my ‘One Big Idea’ for the industry is our clear policy about gifts. As per the Code of Ethics, we don’t accept most festive giftables. You are most often greeted with a grunt, but recently when a courier company representative praised us for our policy, I felt good about it. It’s the right thing to do. I hope all media companies adopt this as their ‘Big Idea’.


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