One Big Idea by Johnson Napier: Have an idea, seal it!

26 Apr,2013

By Johnson Napier


An idea, it is said, has the innate ability to strike when one least expects it. If we were to go back in time over the past few years and look up ideas that were discovered by its inventors, most could be attributed as being born at the spur of the moment. But while the basic premise for an idea is for it to be converted into an actionable force, not many go on to achieve that milestone. If we consider the realm of media and ponder over ideas that have managed to bring about a change in the recent past, the list would be an endless one. But ask anybody who comes from a media background in India about ideas by individuals/organisation that have changed the business environment and one name that would find a quick mention is Zee Group. Not that the others have not done enough but we don’t need to be told what the Subhash Chandra-led Zee Group managed to do when it bought in digitisation in the early 90s thereby pioneering the Indian cable and satellite television industry or the changes that it bought about in the woefully cluttered broadcast environment by flagging off its direct-to-home initiative.


Like Zee, there are several examples that one can boast of to drive home the point that our industry indeed has what it takes to get us going. But then the thing about ideas is that they need to keep evolving constantly and cannot be stopped even momentarily. After all, the industry has leapfrogged many a milestone to reach where it is today and to be ready to embrace the future it has to stay prepared today. And, as we’d all like to believe, it is only by the power of one big idea can we rise above the horizon and be an example worthy of emulation.


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