One Big Idea by Jaisurya Das: Genuine need for quality counselling and mentoring

15 Apr,2013

By Jaisurya Das


When we started Dear MxM on Day 1 of MxMIndia, the concept was unique. What was a counselling service doing on a trade news and views site, people asked?


We were almost certain we would be writing our own questions and it would take ages before our readers sought our advice…. Well, we were wrong and the very next week the response started coming in and soon we were battling on what to answer each week since most of our readers had multiple queries and each of them significant.


While the response to the column is welcome – and we will start a new season soon, it also shows that there is a genuine need for a quality counselling and mentoring in the media. Industry associations may perhaps take a lead in the issue and start it. Large media companies must have it. It’s vital for organizations and seniors in the business to be available to mentor young talent. Until some decades, media companies had established training or internship programme. Not any longer, as entry-level employees are thrown in the deep end instantly. Even though this may be good exposure, not everyone is able to tackle the pressure and demands of the job.


It is important that senior employees or HR departments take the lead for internal mentoring but employees are hesitant to speak to someone from their own workplace, they should be able to approach the ‘neutral’ mentors appointed by industry associations.


The media is a people’s business, and we need to take good care of all our talent. It’s our responsibility to do so.


— The writer is COO, Sakal Media Group and Contributing Editor, MxMIndia


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