One Big Idea by Anwesh Bose: Technology, the fittest survivor?

11 Apr,2013

By Anwesh Bose, Senior VP, DDB MudraMax Media, Delhi


“The big idea will not be the preserve of either television, print, radio, digital, out-of-home, cinema, BTL/events or PR. Therefore, technology will be the all pervasive big daddy of ideas.”


Remember what happened when free TVs & cable connections were distributed en-masse by politicians? The politicos are at it again. Political populism and one-upmanship is again driving technology empowerment of the populace at the bottom of the pyramid (free laptops with internet, free tablets with internet and now free mobile phones with subsidized usage costs). The race for technology adoption is moving at a break neck speed, top-down as well as bottom-up. Therefore, technology will not remain to be the preserve of a few anymore.


Technology will bridge the gap between the physical and digital. The manner in which content is created, distributed & consumed will change the media dynamics on its head. In the very near future, the consumption of content will become device independent and the choice and control of content will be in the control of the consumer. Therefore, technology would demolish the media hierarchy that currently exists.


The challenge the media industry is facing is to keep up to speed with the tech-empowered consumer. The control of media, because of technology-shift, is steadily moving into the hands of the consumer, but the media industry today is sharply divided between being Tech-Enabled or Tech-Unabled. Presently, the skew is very high towards the ‘Unabled’ & the dice is heavily loaded against them. The very reason for this is apathy and/or ignorance of the unabled. Therefore, in the roller-coaster of technology the enabled will survive and the unabled, goes without saying, will perish.


Darwin said it: “survival of the fittest”.


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