One Big Idea by Ananya Saha: The Right Mentors

30 Apr,2013

By Ananya Saha


How many of us have mentors in the industry? By a mentor, I do not imply a person corrects, as grammar and the like can now be corrected by MS Word (only if one is open to competition from a comp), but someone who can lead them ethically. A lot of us entered the field wanting to be P Sainath or Prannoy Roy. Are we not disillusioned when we work in this industry for paycheques rather than creative satisfaction or ethical reporting?


From Copy Writing to Reporting to Editing to PR to what not (change it in whatever order you prefer) to finally quitting the industry altogether: is the story that is generally becoming the norm. Is there anyone who can stop and ask us: ‘what are you exactly looking for?’ Or tell us if we are not cut for it? Or guide us and take us to the next level from ‘stuck in the rut’ to a ‘passionate vocation’? I am sure that media is not losing talent for it will attract many more as semester ends. But media is losing the faith. Who is responsible?


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