One Big Idea by Alpana Parida: Building brands without advertising

08 Apr,2013

By Alpana Parida, President, DY Works


There are three major compelling reasons why advertising (ATL, as it is called) should become history, and become not more than 15-20% of the marketing budget:


Markets have seen a proliferation of categories, brands, variants and formats. Newer and newer products/ brands or variants fill the shelves – and the consumers know they have a choice. In this scenario, they come with a consideration set in their heads and then are fence-sitters till they see the product. The packaging is what sells at the retail shelf. And the Back of Pack is what causes conversions.


Brands have an opportunity to enter the ‘consideration’ set at the point of sale. Communication at the point of sale can drive trials and market shares. It is critical to understand what consumers want to know for conversion to occur. Depending on the category, of course, the consumer typically seeks more specific and rational reasons to justify the purchase. It is important to tell the consumer how this product will fit into his/ her life.


Media clutter is unprecedented and advertising is so busy trying to be memorable and TOM that its connection with the brand (sometimes even the category) is becoming tenuous. Advertising does not work any more – unless brands have budgets upwards of Rs 100 crore.


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One response to “One Big Idea by Alpana Parida: Building brands without advertising”

  1. Guest says:

    Agree completely with the columnist. Cannot recall the last time one bought a product because of the ad.