One Big Idea by Alok Kapuria: Consume only what offers maximum bang for the buck

25 Apr,2013

By Alok Kapuria


It was interesting to have launched MxMIndia around the time when the slowdown was just beginning to set in. But having experienced troubled times in 2008-09, this one appeared to be smooth sailing. Thankfully, marketing spends haven’t come to a stop as media companies have been advertising, albeit with care.


The first item of consumption that is normally axed is marketing. Compromises over content comes next. And payroll third. When adspends reduce, it’s natural that media companies will be impacted first. However, cutting marketing expenses can be self-defeating as competitive pressures require at least some salience of a brand. It’s hence vital that when funds are available, media brands do not exhaust all their resources in one burst. That’s possibly the easiest way to survive the slowdown. It’s vital that the right buying decisions are taken… consume only what offers maximum bang for the buck.


As a sales person with relationships with clients built over the years, it’s my endeavour to ensure the good health of a brand and hence the longevity of the communication. There have been times where I have even advised clients to spread their spends. For, it is in the success of a client that my (and our) success lies.


Digitization, more advanced telecom and computing technology and manifold use of digital devices are sure to effect tectonic changes in the media over the next few years.


Adspends in India will be the 10th highest globally by 2017, as per the forecast from Magna Global. This could even happen earlier. But only those who are fit and have sound leadership will survive and thrive.


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One response to “One Big Idea by Alok Kapuria: Consume only what offers maximum bang for the buck”

  1. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    One only gets to know if the bang delivered was maximum or minimum once the monies have left the purse!