Recall: My favourite Sachin moment

24 Apr,2013


We had published this feature on April 24, 2013 on the occasion of Sachin Tendulkar’s 40th birthday.  Still makes for great reading -Editor

By Johnson Napier


On the field, he has often let his bat do the talking while off it his humility towards people and causes is what has made him dear to his followers. Not new to milestones, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar adds another one to his kitty as he embraces a new figure in his life – 40! While his current form and interest in pursuing the last stretch of his international career is debatable, he sure has given his fans countless experiences to cherish.


MxMIndia spoke to a few well-known cricket writers and columnists who’ve tracked the master blaster ever since he made the glorious 664 for the past 24 years since he made his international debut for India and got them to share their most cherished experience of the man all hail as the God of cricket.


Ayaz Memon, editor, veteral cricket writer & commentator

I’d like to share my earliest experience with Sachin Tendulkar, even before he got into the international team and which showed his commitment and passion for the game. In 1989, when the selectors were picking the team to tour West Indies they had decided not to include Sachin Tendulkar in the squad. Not that he wasn’t good, but the selectors thought that he was too young to face the West Indies bowlers who were too fast and terrifying at the time. They felt he was too young to face them at a raw age of 15. Subsequently when we interviewed him from Sportsweek magazine, he sounded very distraught at being left out. When we told him that the selectors were being considerate that you may get hit or injured by the pace attack and therefore left you out, his response to us was amazing: If I would’ve got hit I would’ve learnt faster. That is something that has stayed with me as it shows the intensity and passion of the man for the game.


There’s a line from Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ that I am reminded of for him: With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”


Clayton Murzello, Sports editor, Mid-day

My most memorable memory of Sachin would have to be the interview he gave me in his car after his arrival from the 1996 tour of England. He said – on the record – that he was ready for the captaincy. Not many players come out in the open and express their captaincy intentions like that and certainly not Tendulkar. But I guess I was lucky.


My message to him as he celebrates his 40th birthday is: follow your heart.


Boria Majumdar, sports commentator and Sr. Research Fellow at the Univ. of Central Lancashire & Adjunct Professor Monash University Melbourne

I’ve had the opportunity and privilege of meeting Sachin Tendulkar on numerous occasions. While there are many memorable instances to share the one that I cherish the most was in Melbourne. I was waiting and watching the Indian team practice in sweltering heat at about 44-45 degrees. After the practice when all the players were drenched and were leaving the venue, there were a lot of fans shouting out and wanting to meet Sachin. While other players had gotten in the team bus Sachin Tendulkar went and obliged a few fans by signing autographs for them. When I asked him about his decision to hang on for some time he said: what would you rather do? Would you rather not be in my position and have people come up to you requesting an autograph. If one autograph of mine brings smiles to their faces I would much rather have that. That for me is modesty and humility personified. Though he is big icon, at that point in time he cared for his supporters. More than a cricketer his humility is what stands apart for me. The lesson I learnt is whoever you are or whatever you become you should not forget your roots.


I hope he enjoys his game as he has done in the past 24 years and will do so again probably when India tour South Africa later this year. The message and wish is that while he plays his 200th Test match, Sachin would stand and play a good innings against the best bowing attack that one would remember for a long time.


Sambit Bal, editor, ESPNcricinfo

I remember an incident in 2005 when I was scheduled to do a 15-minute interview with Sachin Tendulkar at one of his promotional events. When I landed at that place, it was thronging with journalists who were trying to speak to him and I said it wouldn’t be possible for me to do an interview here. I recommended to him as to why don’t we do the interview in your car? He agreed immediately and the interview went on for well over two hours. In fact I wasn’t done with him when we reached his home and I said to him that I wasn’t done as yet. He requested me to come home and finish the interview. I sat for an hour more in his house and that is easily one of the better interviews that I have done of him.


What was striking about the interview was that a lot of people at that time were predicting that he had just 2-3 years of cricket left in him and when I asked him what is it that he cherished the most in his 15-year-long career he said: there is still one thing left to cherish and that is to win the World Cup and experience what it feels like to achieve the feat. But we all know how India fared in the 2007 World Cup and I thought that Sachin would never get another chance for a shot at the World Cup. But then I remembered what he said in 2005 and when in 2011 India went on to win the World Cup, it was an unbelievable experience. So I was part of a personal history that he shared with me.


As for now, all I wish is that he goes out on a flourish as he hasn’t got a lot of cricket left. I hope he gets the end that he deserves.


Hemant Kenkre, cricket writer and commentator, VP – LinOpinion

The most endearing fact about Sachin Tendulkar is that he has always batted for his friends. I remember that just a year after he started playing international cricket, he obliged to do an ad for one of my family members for free. That was a brilliant gesture on his part that he extended towards our family, especially since he was very young and at that stage of your career you wouldn’t want to do things for free. That is the best personal experience that I can share of the man.


Another professional experience that comes to mind is when he first started playing among the men, if I may state it that way, in the then famous Kanga League. He was very young and I remember that the first ball he faced from the Ranji Trophy bowler, he hit him straight behind for a huge six. That was the arrival of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. It just showed how much confidence he had in his own ability. A star had already been born at that time.


And what can one wish for somebody who has everything in life today – I just wish that he keeps on batting for India as long as he can. The thing about his career is that you get to remember some moments in your life every year, thanks to his landmarks.”


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