Metals proved that young team needs to be empowered: K V ‘Pops’ Shridhar

08 Apr,2013

In the past few weeks, the advertising industry saw a lot of ups and downs. But as the biggest award function – Goafest – of the industry ended, the best was applauded and appreciated. Leo Burnett triumphed at the event with 9 Gold, 34 Silver and 28 Bronze.


MxMIndia’s MEGHNA SHARMA spoke to the agency’s chief creative office for the India subcontinent, KV Shridhar, who donned the angry young man look in a promo for the Goafest asking God to give him the metals, this year..


So, the God has answered your prays?

(Laughs) Yes. He has and how!


Obviously it’s an amazing feeling, but do share with us a little more about the win?

There are couple of things which I would like to mention. Firstly, all of our big campaigns like KBC, McDonald’s, Coke Studio etc won, which is very gratifying. Secondly, we won at every vertical which again showcases the vastness of our work. And lastly, there was a lot of criticism when we empowered our young talent. But this has been a testing ground where we have proved out that what can the young brigade do. Nitesh Tiwari and his team has made us very proud.


Were you expecting so many metals?

Never expecting anything. Ad when you win, the feeling is out of this world. However, it’s always good to be appreciated for your work.


Of all the metals this year, which is the most special for you and why?

The KBC girl child one. It is very dear to us as it was beyond advertising. I have been fighting for gender equality for years now and I hope this campaign and our win would make others sensitive towards women too.


Last year, the tally was three and this year, it’s nine golds… who would would you attribute this jump to?

The level of craft has improved and increased a lot. The technology, design and the new-age media has upped the game.


Apart from the controversies and win, what has been the high point of the event, this year?

If we take a look at the winner’s list, in the top 15 we’ll find a production house, design house which only means that now Goafest is not about Abby alone, but about ‘communication’. All the verticals have come together and are getting encouraged and recognized. This will help the industry in a long way and is a huge step as well as positive thing for the industry.


What is your aim for next year?

To keep up the good work.


And lastly, how do you think these win will impact you and the agency?

We are going to put this behind us and relax for a few days. And come back with new energy to bring out good work for our clients.


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