Mediaah! Breaking! Times stops Media net, controversial practice killed overnight :-)

01 Apr,2013

HARIDWAR, April 1: The Times has decided to drop its controversial Media net practice, Mediaah! learns from a reliable source. It appears the management took this decision after a round of discussion and finally issued this statement after the board issued a diktat*.


At what may have been a customary dip on Holi, a senior company honcho took a deep dip in the Holy waters and then got out looking at the skies and told one of his aides: “I dived in to find that the water is crystal clear. There were no impurities.” “Yes, sir, that is so true, sir,” the aide said. “So, if the water can be clear, why can’t our newspaper also be clear of impurities,” the guiding light said.


“Let’s just stop this Net practice,” he said. “But, Sir, how can we reverse it when it’s making good money for us,” asked Aide #2. “No impurities. We will make more money. People will pay more for a purer paper.” “Yes, sir, just as we  all pay more for bottled water,” said Aide #1 with a chuckle.


One of the aides wrote to all the managers and relevant editors announcing them of the decision.


There could be no discussions on the issue, just as there couldn’t be when the net practice was started. And, as it happened, despite wide-scale condemnation, the scheme not only worked but turned out to earn the entire news media sector revenues in the region of around Rs 500 crore.


Meanwhile, it is learnt that Caravaan magazine is planning a 20-page cover story on how Times has cleansed itself. The story will appear in the December 2013 edition of the magazine.


It is likely that other publications which had started a content-for-cash practice may now drop the policy of charging for editorial content. It is hoped that with this, editorial content on the entertainment and party pages will become more meaningful. For instance, a restaurant will be named in the news of its opening and logos and brand names will not be blanked out from photographs.


The Mumbai and Delhi hotel and restaurant association has welcomed the decision and is contemplating a felicitation of all newspaper publishers and owners.


Hey guys, no such luck as yet. It’s April Fool’s Day… Cash-for-content flourishes, and how! Not just in politics, but for entertainment, fashion, events. As we know, the cash-for-content policy is no longer practised by just one news media company. It’s across various newspapers, magazines channels, FM radio stations, websites. Sigh.


The names and entities mentioned in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to any individual or organization is coincidental and in jest. Dil mein mat lena. Don’t take this to heart 🙂




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  1. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    Look who got naughty on a April 1…. 😉

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