Leave marketing behind: Pepsi’s Shiv Singh

07 Apr,2013


Shiv Singh

By A Correspondent


On the second day of knowledge seminar sessions at Goafest 2013, Shiv Singh, Global Head (Digital) of Pepsi, spoke about “Why no one cares about marketing” and outlined five ideas which he said were important in the current climate.


1 Leave marketing behind

Expanding on this, he gave the example of Beyonce’s unmarketing campaign, #beyherenow. “It was not just an ad but a new lens into Beyonce,” he said. The ad also launched a new song, Grown Woman, and the visuals and lyrics were anchored in the culture of her past and her future. It was the start of a deep creative collaboration.


2 Think about experiences, not more ads

In an age when every brand can have a tangible relationship with customers, original programming, owned or shared distribution, and sustained engagement and loyalty are replacing traditional marketing, Mr Singh said. He said digital data should be used to drive new business insights. “The insights you get from social impact how you understand cultures, consumers, brands and products, and how you can predict sales and measure engagement.”


3 Bet on Facebook.

He said that though Facebook was here to stay, the mere number of likes a brand has on Facebook is meaningless. “Having a lot of likes is like having a large hall with empty chairs. It’s meaningless unless you have people sitting in these chairs,” he said, adding that it is more useful to have a smaller audience that engages.


4 Develop a 365-day culture. When the customer is listening 365 days, the brand should be there too, Mr Singh said. Realtime marketing is the answer, with realtime insights, and response, content studio, co-creation and distribution happening in real time too.


5 Capitalise on the India opportunity. He said advertising needs to look at new forms of creativity. “Commercials are videos. Embrace that notion now,” he said, recommending that agencies should hire as many journalists as they have creative directors.


The Q&A with the audience at the end of Mr Singh’s presentation was moderated by Viral Oza.


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