GoodHomes turns 5

04 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


GoodHomes, the interiors magazine published by Worldwide Media, completes five years this month. To celebrate this landmark, the magazine’s 5th anniversary issue is a 230-page ‘luxury special’. This mega issue focuses on the various avatars of indulgent home decor. The luxury theme has been chosen, keeping in mind consumer aspirations & the growing luxury home decor market (expected to grow at 25% per year, according to ET).


GoodHomes Editor Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu said, “The 5th Anniversary issue looks at luxury as an experience; a way of life. It could be an object for some people, a feeling for others, or a setting for some others. Whatever it is, it is always aspirational. If I were to define ‘luxury’, I’d say it’s a state of mind. One where you feel so good, you’re always wanting it. And once you have it, you automatically and involuntarily aspire to another. This issue endeavours to address not so much the feeling itself, but the aspiration of it. This issue is all about aiming higher; about living well.”


The promotional campaign includes print, outdoors, on-ground and digital. The print campaign will run across city dailies in the key metros, while the outdoor campaign would focus on Mumbai and Delhi. A pan-India on-ground push is a part of the plan as well. The digital campaign will be led by social media through contests and other engagement initiatives.


Over the past year, the magazine has interpreted the ‘home’ space in new ways. Starting with a redesign of its issue last April, GoodHomes has also created an art week titled ‘GoodHomes for Art’ in Mumbai. Held between Oct 29 and November 4 last year, the aim of the art week was to educate, appreciate and understand art, to take art out of the galleries to as many people as possible. The week was filled with public art displays, workshops, artists’ meets and special showings. The art week will return to Mumbai this year during the same period.


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