Godrej aims for digital connect with consumers

09 Apr,2013

By Meghna Sharma


As more and more brands enter the already cluttered market today, the challenge for any brand is not only to reinvent itself but also to gain and retain new customers.


Companies are invading the digital space as they see a lot of potential in the medium to tap their audiences. Selling the brand or product is no longer paramount – the aim is to develop and sustain a relationship over a period of time. And as youth are increasingly spending more time on social media, promoting a brand/product/service digitally serves the purpose of attracting and sustaining.


#InViratsHead, #MakesMeAlive, #colouryourfriends and #firsteverfragranceapp are just a few hashtags of the various digital campaigns Godrej has launched lately. The company re-invented itself and has been implementing innovative techniques on various forms of media to drive awareness and establish brand tonality and brand connect with urban TG.


The aer Twitter campaign #colouryourfriends and #firsteverfragranceapp garnered more than 12,500 tweets, reaching out to 6.7 million people and creating more than 47 million impressions in a span of three days.


MxMIndia spoke to Sunil Kataria, Executive VP, Marketing and Sales, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) on the insight behind their latest campaigns.


Lately, Godrej has launched a lot of campaigns digitally. What has been the thought process behind them?

Godrej as a brand believes in building a connect with the consumers at every step across platforms. Companies across sectors are leveraging social media to connect with consumers to get instant feedback. For companies it has not only been to sell a brand/product to the consumers but to develop and sustain a relationship over a period of time. The youth are increasingly being spending more time on social media and a lot of their conversations on this medium influence their shopper decisions. Promoting a brand/product/service digitally serves the purpose of attracting and sustaining interest among their consumers and it could be done in innovate and engaging ways. The Godrej campaigns for Cinthol and aer have been the most trending on Twitter lately.


How do you see the digital platform help the brand to rebrand itself in the market?

With the growth of internet and rising popularity of social media among younger audience it is imperative for brands to create a very significant presence in the digital space. Also, the increasing use of smart phones has significantly reduced consumer consumption of traditional mediums of TV and paper. The digital medium is an exciting platform for brands as they communicate with the consumer directly and the consumer can share his experience with the brand. Apart from that, key influencers/celebrities who are a part of a campaign also help to reach out to a larger pool of audience since the fan following of these influencers get acquainted with the brand through the campaign. For example, fans of Virat got acquainted with the Cinthol brand through the #InViratsHead campaign.


How much is the budget for the digital platform?

The budget is 2 percent of total ATL budget for digital media.


Apart from digital, what is the marketing mix of the brand?

Godrej aer is promoted through a 360-degree marketing media. The media vehicles used are TV, Print, Radio & Digital media. Brand has been doing innovations in all the media vehicles planned. Olfactory marketing experience generating initiatives are planned at important touch points like car accessory stores, modern trade stores, petrol pumps and lifestyle-oriented touch points like a gym etc.


With competitors too exploring the digital platform, how can one deal with it to stay ahead in the clutter?

With the growing popularity of social media and increasing use of digital medium by consumers it is imperative for brands to have an active presence on the digital platform. Consumer conversation on social media influence shoppers’ preferences and hence brands needs to be a part of these conversations to gain new potential customers and sustaining the existing ones. The key challenge for any digital campaign is to identify the right target audience and to creatively engage with them which has been the key focus area for the campaigns by Godrej #InViratsHeadwas trending for three days and # firsteverfragranceapp was trending for two days, which is a clear indication of huge consumer response that the campaign received.


And lastly, where do you see the digital platform in the next five years?

Increasing internet penetration and demand for smart phones will only increase the engagement of consumers on social media. We could probably see new social media apps being developed to cater to custom made requirements. Consumer would also find new platforms of communications similar to Facebook, Twitter etc which would further accentuate the brand engagement with consumers. Digital will definitely be the pivotal focus of most marketing campaigns and will be the new battlefield for brands to fight for consumer attention.


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