Filmmakers need freedom: Dave Alberts @ Goafest 2013

06 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


Dave Alberts of Mo Film, speaking on Democratization of Creativity, said that for a filmmaker the most important aspect of democratization is freedom. He said that independence of thought was key to making groundbreaking and memorable films.


He showed examples of films made independently by small and individual filmmakers, and said that technology was increasingly enabling filmmakers. “Any filmmaker can make a film of broadcast quality,” he said, quoting Francis Ford Coppola who had once remarked, “Some little fat girl in Ohio is going to make a beautiful movie with her father’s camcorder.”


“The exciting thing about the internet and technology is that it is giving creative people a stage,” Mr Alberts said, adding that the agency should keep the process simple in order to liberate creatives. This only helps the client, he said, because different films have different roles, and with democratized creative, one can make certain types of films to reach specific targets.


He said Mo Film had always encouraged independent film-makers, said Mr Alberts, and took the opportunity to announce their contest for a Durex film that interested people could bid for.


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