Draftfcb study confirms mobile’s rise as a potent medium

25 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


A report released by Draftfcb titled “The Mobile Shopper: A 2013 Draftfcb Global Shopper Snapshot,” confirms mobile’s march to dominance as a medium of choice for consumers. The report is the outcome of interviews carried out with 7,500+ consumers across the age group 18-64 in eight Draftfcb global benchmark markets, including the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East (UAE and Saudi Arabia), India and China. The information collected shows that mobile has and will continue to have a profound impact on shoppers and shopping.


The report looks at shopper behaviours connected to mobile devices, including but not limited to:

Look for, receive, or use deals, offers, discounts or coupons

Compare information other than price or store location

Look for store locations and information

Look for or receive reviews or advice from others

Share opinions or write reviews

Plan or organize shopping or ‘to do’ lists

Track activity or redeem rewards in frequent shopper or loyalty programs

Compare prices

See what a product or offer looks like, including comparing.


In addition, the report offers insight on shopper behaviours across seven major categories including grocery, apparel, health & beauty, casual dining, electronics, financial services, and insurance.


The report notes that as one of the most highly adopted technologies of all time, mobile plays an important role in the evolution of shopping behavior. Shoppers worldwide are attached to their mobile devices for both emotional and functional reasons. The report further states that 72 percent of mobile shoppers indicate that they “can’t live without” their mobile device. As such, the mobile device is a shopping companion, and an indispensable resource and gateway to brands, ideas and retail.


Mobile shopping prevalence in established markets like the US, Germany and UK is a strong global force, and in emerging markets like India, South Africa and China, mobile shopping shows the exuberance expected in markets where mobile technology has leap-frogged over more traditional internet service such as home-based online connectivity.


Shifting Paradigms

The report also notes how mobile shopping has impacted much of retail and brand marketing. By looking through the lens of human behavior rather than focusing primarily on technology, this global snapshot shows the “Now of mobile shopping. It is yet another strong nudge to marketers that the classic path to purchase has evolved often dramatically and will continue to do so in the future. From empowering a more male-centric vision of shopping as opposed to the female-centric traditional view of shopping, to other fundamental changes, this research offers marketers an additional glimpse of the future of shopping.


“Consumers worldwide love their mobile phones. Mobile devices are an extension of the self, as both mind and body. Mobile is a global shopper lifestyle,” explained Janet Rose, PhD, SVP director of retail strategic planning at Draftfcb. “Mobile is often the first choice meta-retailer.”


“This has huge implications for both brands and retailers,” said Debra Coughlin, global chief marketing officer of Draftfcb, who commissioned the study. “It means that retailers must step forward even more to deliver creative and satisfying multi-channel experiences. And, it means that brands have new opportunities to engage consumers in big ideas throughout the purchase journey.”


Key Findings

Globally, the mobile shopper is 25-34 years of age, with an average age of 33

81% of people believe that mobile phones allow them to shop wherever they want around the clock, seven days per week

Using a mobile phone to find a store location is more prevalent in the US than any other country

73% of Brazilian mobile shoppers say that sharing a shopping experience while on their mobile phone is fun

68% of mobile shoppers in Germany think that comparing prices on their mobile phones is effortless

83% of mobile shoppers in South Africa say mobile phones eliminate the hassle of having to browse, shop or speak to salespeople in retail stores

82% of mobile shoppers in the Middle East say that they’re always looking for new ways to use their mobile phone

80% of mobile shoppers say that their mobile phone makes them feel like they’re always in the loop with friends and family

61% of mobile shoppers in India are male, the largest shift from census in any market


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