#dontshare but kiss the drink, says Bisleri

04 Apr,2013

By Meghna Sharma


Shraddha Nathani

From Pure and Safe and Play Safe to Stay Protected, Bisleri has always tried to reinvent itself from time to time to stand out in the market.


The latest campaign – Kiss to Drink – will see three ads being launched. “Bisleri has been consistently doing clutter-breaking communication. These are cool, funny, slightly over the top set of ads. The unique selection of characters in the ads makes them appealing to people across all TGs . Bisleri is projecting a very youthful and cool imagery,” says Shraddha Nathani, marketing head, Bisleri.



But what differentiates this campaign from the previous ones is the launch of its 500ml personal pack. Through this, the company will launch its product (500ml SKU) focusing on the theme that one should buy their own bottle to drink water, and not share.


Ms Nathani explains, “A basic consumer behaviour is that we do not like to share water with someone who has touched the bottle to his/her mouth (jhootha). The campaign takes into consideration this behavior and asks the consumer to buy their own bottle and drink straight from the bottle (kiss).”


Anuraag Khandewal

Elaborating the idea, Mr Anuraag Khandewal, ECD and Creative head, Soho Square (Mumbai) adds, “With the intention of giving the Bisleri 500 bottle a context in the consumer’s life, we built upon the cultural taboo of ‘jhootha’. Indians hate it when their bottle of water is picked by another and touched to the mouth while drinking. We presented the Bisleri 500 as a solution to this bottle defiling. Being the right size we touted it as ‘your personal bottle’. Encouraging habitual bottle-hijackers to go get their own bottle, put it to their lips, and drink.”


Through the campaign, Bisleri wants to change consumer behaviour. “Not just a consumption behaviour, but a social behaviour too. Bisleri as a brand has never done communication that focuses on a single SKU. Until now,” Mr Khandewal underlines.


Digitally, first

Another unique feature about the campaign is that marks the first time Bisleri uses digital innovations and a staggered media roll- out plan. The TVCs will be launched released digitally across platforms followed by on-air, radio and on-ground events.


Parag Ghandhi

“Bisleri has an active fan following of 50000+ on Facebook & 800+ on Twitter. Looking at the new brand communication we saw an opportunity for fantastic integration with digital playing an important role in increasing reach of media and sure short viewership of new TVCs,” says Parag Ghandhi, Director, Flying Cursor, on the idea behind going digital first.


Mr Ghandhi adds, “Also the campaign is youthful, humorous and has an instant connect with the target audience which allowed us to creating engagement and a sense of delight among fans rather than just asking them to watch the new TVCs. The whole digital plan is a buildup to take the traditional media beyond viewership and conventional mediums.”


Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, the ads will be released across all platforms and several contests are also being launched simultaneously. The hash tags #Shabhash and #Dontshare which capture the essence of the campaign will be integrated within the entire plan. An extensive outdoor and radio plan is also in the offing.


Marketing mix

Bisleri has earmarked 30 percent of their annual marketing spends towards the campaign and would be spreading it over three months starting April 2013. “We have planned an integrated marketing approach for popularizing this campaign and hope to connect with the target audience effectively,” says Ms Nathani.


The campaign spreads across metros, mini-metros and across GECs and youth-centric channels. The integrated marketing plan also features on-ground events which are being managed by Nash Events. A series of flash mobs/ fun contests are being planned for key metro cities.


By the end of the year Bisleri is looking at a 40 percent increase in the 500ml SKU.


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