Debrief: Goibibo: Good use of metaphor

11 Apr,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Sharp work from the Goibibo guys, and quite literally too! The strategic thrust is to diss the rivals and gain brownie points in the process.


The setting is an operation theatre. A ‘patient’ is on the bed with multiple knives stuck into his back. When the surgeon arrives, our patient complains about being stabbed in the back by his regular travel agent/portal, that too on several occasions. On account of cancelled airline bookings, being offered horrible hotel rooms, etc. The cool surgeon, instead of operating on the poor fellow, digs the knives back into him, and recommends Goibibo.


This wild approach will help the brand get a good recall when people plan their travel. One, because most people will have had all sorts of bad experiences on their journeys. And will report stories of the ‘missing in action’ travel agent when things went wrong. Therefore viewers will immediately empathise with this creative. As a new brand, Goibibo needed a platform like this to take off. I also like the use of ‘being stabbed in the back’ metaphor as the central idea. It gives the ads visual drama and helps build a long-term memory hook. And it makes the ads entertaining to watch.


Good work. In terms of both, the strategy and the creative. Well, the ad agency has delivered. Now it’s up to the Goibibo team to meet their deadly promise. They let the travellers down, and Goibibo will have to be ready to face frontal knife attacks. J


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 3.5 Edgy creative backed by sound strategy


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