DDB Mudra Mumbai & Adventure 18 urge Corporate India to step Outdoors

05 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


While the rest of the world works 50 to 60 hours a week, corporate India clocks in 80 hours a week, leading lives that revolve around their desks, with time away from work defined by time spent surfing the internet.


DDB Mudra Mumbai and Adventure 18 saw this as an opportunity to urge corporate India to get away from their workstations and step out for an adventure. Apart from this, the other challenge faced by the team was execute the campaign in a cost-effective way.


The team used a surprisingly overlooked, yet effective medium of communication – window washers – to do the job.


Window Washers, dressed up in adventure gear, were sent down office buildings located across the city of Mumbai. In a sight worth a watch, mountaineers, rock climbers and para gliders descended on buildings across the city.


The result was overwhelming. There were a few who were scared, some were amused, but everyone took note of the men in adventure gear. And when the window washers had the attention of the office they revealed their message: “Don’t you wish you were outdoors?” The message went on to give the website address of Adventure 18.


Speaking about the activity, Louella Rebello, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra Mumbai, said, “Sometimes you are at work, you look out of the window and wish you could be in the great outdoors instead. We decided to actually put a guy out there telling you to do just that. Adventure 18 was a great partner in making this happen.'”


Mohit Oberoi, Owner, Adventure 18, added, “It’s a great concept. More importantly, it’s brought attention to what we do and stand for as a company. That is to give people an unforgettable experience of the outdoors”


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