Creative Abby superjury junks plagiarism complaints

24 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


The Awards Governing Council of Goafest 2013 has issued the following communique:


In response to the unprecedented situation arising due to complaints received post Goafest/Abby 2013 – the Awards Governing Council (AGC) had constituted a superjury comprising Chairpersons of all 11 juries to take a collective view on these complaints.


The superjury comprising the following – Agnello Dias, Carlton D’silva, Josy Paul, K S Chakravarthy, Nitish Tiwari, Piyush Panjwani, Prasoon Joshi, Prashant Kalyankar, Rakshin Patel and Sonal Dabral – met on April 23. Senthil Kumar who was also a member of this jury could not attend as he was travelling.


After due deliberations the superjury unanimously decided that they believed there had been enough time given between the shortlisting of entries and the final judging for feedback and objections of any kind to be raised. Indeed all such feedback was accepted and acted upon before the final awards were presented. The superjury felt that the sanctity of the award process needs to be maintained and all the deadlines should be respected and followed. Therefore any speculation after the Goafest/Abby Awards cannot be entertained.


The AGC has always maintained that the Abbies are industry awards for the industry – and the final say must be that of the creative fraternity. In light of the above decision by the superjury it has hence been decided that all awards given will stand. In addition awards that had been rescinded due to similar complaints for DHL (agency BBDO Proximity) and Electrolux (agency DDB Mudra Group) will be reinstated. The AGC has also noted that for the future rules pertaining to reviews will be further clarified and strictly adhered to.


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2 responses to “Creative Abby superjury junks plagiarism complaints”

  1. mathew jose says:

    The jury has decided that the emperor does wear clothes. Scram little boy!

  2. Albert Pinto says:

    LOL! This is truly funny!!

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