Capgemini India launches employee-centric brand campaign

04 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


Capgemini has announced the launch of its new brand campaign, ‘Be the YOU want to be’, showcasing employees as part of real-life stories/challenges. The campaign aims at promoting Capgemini as a preferred career destination, by highlighting real stories of Capgemini team members – their experiences, challenges and other key elements that have helped them develop as a person and as a successful technology professional.


Commenting on the launch of campaign, Rajesh Chandiramani, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Capgemini India says, “The new campaign brings out real life stories of our employees, who have overcome personal and professional challenges, which are typically faced by technology practitioners. Through this initiative, we want to communicate to aspiring audiences on how Capgemini is offering the desired environment for professional growth.”


The organization is developing nine key objectives, which will be used in a series of advertisements. These directions work in harmony with a Capgemini story or challenge. In this way, the company is providing prospective employees with an aspirational and real picture of what their professional life could be if they pursue a career at Capgemini.


External audiences will be connected through emerging and existing available platforms such as mobile, print, online advertising and outdoor billboards. Social media will be at the heart of the campaign and used to engage prospective employees. Outdoor advertising will be seen in key metros and cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Trichy, Salem and Thiruvananthapuram.


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One response to “Capgemini India launches employee-centric brand campaign”

  1. Heyya says:

    Lol, Fake, untrue, non-sense. People inside this company never consider what they say outside as “brand campaign”..
    They are fooling the Indian business with this new brand campaign. Never join this company by the brand campaign they have,