Bas Karo! No more complaints for plagiarism etc after today for Abby-winning ads

12 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


Shashi Sinha

The Goafest Awards Governing Council chair’s job is a thankless one, as every such responsibility  gets to be. But this year, it’s gotten long and laborious with the committee headed by IPG Mediabrands and Lodestar UM CEO Shashi Sinha receiving complaints against winning metals until late Thursday.



MxM View:

Receiving complaints is a democratic prcess, and there should be no bar on entertaining them, but only at the shortlists stage and not after the metals are awarded.


Also, the shortlisted ads must have the entry image/audio/hyperlinked on the Abby website for people to see. It will be great if the entire entry is also available for viewing – include the names of media vehicles used for the ad. The above information may be available for viewing to only registered surfers, if need be. Complaints can then be lodged before the final judging is done. There must be a fair amount of time between the announcement of shortlists and the final judging.


Mr Sinha sent us a request asking us to inform the world that after today (Friday, April 12) evening, the AGC will not take any more complaints for the Creative Abbys . “Enough is enough and we must move on,” he wrote.


Is the number of complaints received this year (post the awards) more than what was received last year, we asked him via mail. “Normally we don’t take complaints after the awards… this year: lots” he wrote back.


Meanwhile, on the disputed BBDO Proximity creatives for DHL Express, 2 golds and 1 silver have been withdrawn. The AGC has also received complaints against ads that won Abbies for a large consumer durables brand as well as those for a branded TV event. Both are being processed currentl.


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