Announcing the MxM Viewsletter

18 Apr,2013

Since it went live on September 9, 2011, MxMIndia has established itself as India’s only online destination in M, A&M domain which goes beyond news: we carry regular and one-off columns and blogs by some of the country’s best minds.


While inviting our columnists, the attempt has been to ask those whose views will add much value to our reader’s understanding of the business. We may not necessarily agree with the views, but what we can assure you is that there is little or zero interference from our end on what our columnists write.


While is a for-profit enterprise, our primary allegiance is to our readers. That our readers are essentially members of the media ecosystem makes the exercise a lot more challenging. But, we have done it reasonably responsibly. And, we must add that the industry – especially our advertisers – have also handled our content very responsibly.


We are now increasing our ‘views’ element and will bring you ‘The MxM Viewsletter’ every afternoon. There will be some new columns and blogs which you’ll discover over the next month, a new daily views column – our version of the editorial comment and a reader’s blog, where all of you are welcome to post your views. Initially the Viewsletter will be sent out to all current recipients of the ‘Digest’, but soon we’ll offer it as an optional service.


The MxMIndia Twitter handle (@mxmindia) will also get active and will do more than just tweeting links from our site.

All of this and more coming up on your favourite daily destination.

Keep the faith.

Pradyuman Maheshwari

Editor-in-Chief and CEO


PS: Our offices are closed on Friday, April 19 on account of Ram Navami. So, while there will be no ‘newsletter’ tomorrow, our viewsletter will take off in right earnest.


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One response to “Announcing the MxM Viewsletter”

  1. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    Hi PM,

    I appreciate the honest efforts being put by MxM. Best Wishes to MxM as it marches forward.