Anil Thakraney: CCTV footage should be used to kill apathy

17 Apr,2013

By Anil Thakraney


I can understand why the Indian media got into a tizzy over the Boston bombings. It’s not because lives in America are more precious than, say, those in Pakistan and Afghanistan (bombings in these nations are now a routine event), but because the latest attack has demolished the perception many have harboured for a decade: That the US, post 9/11, has been able to lick terrorism on its soil. Now that we know even that nation is unsafe, it means there is no safe place left in this world, and that’s an unsettling thought.


However, what got my anger on the boil, more than the US bombings, is something that happened in our own backyard: Cruel apathy shown by many motorists during the horrible Jaipur road accident, and the resultant tragedy. Here’s a link, in case you missed the story:


Clearly, it isn’t an isolated case, this happens all over the nation, we seem to have turned into a nation of billions who don’t give a shit about the lives of fellow citizens. This is completely shameful, and it has to be dealt with, we simply cannot ignore it with a shrug. My thinking is that the television media should closely examine the CCTV footage, and with the help of the concerned RTOs, expose every single motorist who coolly drove past the accident spot. Perhaps the best way to tackle such unforgivable selfishness is by naming and shaming. Let’s put out the faces of the people who refused to help. Of course, one can’t legally punish them, but the threat of shaming will help in energizing others, the next time such a deathly road accident happens.


With the possibility of terror attacks on the rise, various state governments are installing CCTV cameras on many roads/streets/junctions. The media must use this opportunity to help in exposing callous, insensitive people. And simultaneously, honour those good men and women who stop to help. This is the only way to shake up this apathetic nation.


We’ve got the technology, now let’s use it to kick the indifferent dolts. And help save lives in the future.




PS: Hmm. This is a national icon who arrives each evening in our living rooms to sells us gold, insurance policies, noodles, cold creams, cars… it’s a very long list. If this report is accurate, then DD would surely have got the footage erased a long time ago, leaving no trace of any evidence. The bigger tragedy of the 1984 riots was that there was no private TV channel at the time. Many powerful people would have been nailed had that been the case.


Link: -spewing-venom-in-India/articleshow/10429011.cms?intenttarget=no


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