AdStrat: Titan: Keeping tags on time

15 Apr,2013

Somprabh Singh, Marketing Head, Titan


Name of the campaign/ad: Tagged


The Brief: Titan, now a 25-year-old brand, has constantly reinvented itself to remain young and exciting to consumers. From the kind of watch designs it has introduced, to opening up gifting as a platform for buying a watch, to demonstrating how watches can be coordinated with outfits; the brand has always led the way for consumers by staying just ahead of the curve. In the last three years, Titan has renewed its focus on the brand, gradually re-crafting it to become more vibrant, free-spirited, and exploratory. This is reflected in Titan’s new collection, ‘tagged’. This is a collection made keeping today’s 25-year-old in mind – vibrant, youthful watches with colourful dials and straps.


The brief was to present this collection to the 25-year-olds in a manner that connects with their life.


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Research insights: This is undoubtedly one of the most connected generations. Easy access of internet and mobile devices has made it easy to keep in touch with dear ones. In fact, social networking and instant messaging are the favourite activities among today’s youth. However, pan-India research conducted by Ogilvy revealed a different dimension. Perhaps the greatest contradiction is that the most social generation ever is also the loneliest. Inside the so-called social animal is a recluse. The fast-paced urban life has limited most interactions to the online world. As a result, relationships are getting superficial, lacking in meaning.


The thought process behind the creative: The film reflects the importance of staying connected with dear ones, offline. It reflects the importance of sharing special moments with those you love – the only way to build meaningful relationships. It presents Titan’s point of view, that one has to take time out from one’s busy life to spend time with those who matter the most.


‘Tagged’ by Titan is an attempt to capture the fascination of the young by juxtaposing the online phenomenon of ‘tagging’ into the physical world with the Titan watch as the key device.


Media vehicles chosen: TV, Internet, Print, Cinema, Radio.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The brief was to showcase the new ‘tagged’ collection; hence key consideration was to tell an engaging story with the watch at the heart of the plot.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The music, while it complements the film beautifully, also has its own identity. This is standout feature not only in this Titan film, but also for most Titan films. We were clear that the product should be made integral to the core narrative so that it enjoys certain omnipresence in the film rather than a disjointed product section in the end.


Client comment: Ajoy Chawla, Vice President, Titan Industries Limited says, “Tagged by Titan is an attempt to capture the fascination of the young professional by using the social phenomenon of ‘tagging’. The film has in a very interesting manner used our products to build on this insight. Titan watches in this commercial are seen being used as a hook to bring together like-minded individuals to share special moments.”


Agency comment: Joono Simon, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, South says, “The Titan film ‘Tagged’ taps into the collective spirit of the young and their need to be a part of something greater than themselves, to set off a game of offline ‘tagging’.” He further added, “The act of ‘tagging’ has certain virality to it and we’d be happy to see young people ‘tagging’ themselves in real life, much like the characters in the ad.”


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