AdStrat: Symphony: Cooling off

22 Apr,2013

Name of the campaign/ad: India Ko Rakhe Cooler


The Brief: To create communication that expands the horizon of the category.


Research insights: India is a country that experiences dry heat or humidity for most of the year. Diverse demographics and varied lifestyles ensure that India’s cooling requirements come in different shapes and sizes. It could be for cooling expansive living spaces, ever-so-small urban living rooms, or even outdoors where you unwind with your family or celebrate a special occasion with a gang of people. Each requirement is uniquely Indian and needs unique cooling devices that work sufficiently, and at the same time, provide excellent value for money.


The thought process behind the creative: Coolers are cooler. They run on the electricity cost of just one or two bulbs, run on inverters well, can be used inside as well as outside and at any time, and provide natural cooling which is healthy and comfortable. This set of arguments is the key message used to create a distinct space for air coolers and in turn expand the market for them.


Executed in a sincere, informative manner, the TVC captures life in India across geographies, age groups and cultures.


Media vehicles chosen: There is a 90-second master with multiple edits running this season. This is a 360-degree campaign which will run across media (print, TV, radio, cinema, digital, on ground, outdoor and social media).


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: In our country penetration of any cooling appliance (beyond fans) is abysmally low. Air coolers are the most viable cooling option for a country like ours. They are versatile, cost-effective and healthy. The major challenge was to educate consumer about category benefits.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? So far all the air cooler campaigns have talked about the product, but this campaign is focused on educating consumers about the category.


Client comment: Rajesh Mishra, GM Marketing, Symphony said, “India is a vastly under-cooled country with penetration of cooling appliances including air coolers being very low. Also, being a power-starved nation, air coolers are the best bet as they consume only a fraction of electricity compared to an air conditioner. Symphony being the category leader, the onus is on us to inform the consumers about the benefits of air coolers. We strongly believe that there is a relevant place for a Symphony air cooler in every home. However, this relevance has not been emphatically established by communication. This year we have made a shift from a specific model communication to “brand Symphony”. This campaign is a result of an extensive workshop that we conducted to arrive at key benefits that need to be communicated. We are confident that this campaign will help in category expansion. Incidentally, this being the silver jubilee year for us, it is apt that we take the stance that we have taken of Symphony – India Ko Rakhe Cooler.”


Agency comment: Ravinder Siwach, Executive Creative Director, Mudra Ahmedabad, said, “Symphony as a brand has always talked in a humorous tone. This campaign is a slight deviation from that tone. The focus is on educating the consumers, present the large Symphony range with its relevance to different people and indeed India as a country where power cuts are commonplace and value proposition is very important.”


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