AdStrat: Nihar Shanti

08 Apr,2013

Subhash Kamat, Managing Partner, BBH


Name of the campaign/ad: Garv se Badlo


The Brief: Convince progressive women to buy Nihar Shanti Amla not just as a hair oil but as a step towards progress. Nihar Shanti Amla not only keeps hair black but also gives women a chance to contribute to children’s education by giving 2% of its revenue from every bottle towards CRY’s projects across the country.


Research insights: Women believed that if the country progressed, their own children would have a better future. Women felt a sense of pride about their responsibility towards their children’s future because they felt that only they could do something about it.


The thought process behind the creative: The challenge was to communicate the product benefit and the emotional benefit with equal emphasis. We positioned Nihar Shanti Amla as a progressive step to be taken with ‘pride’ – the pride of having great, black hair and pride from having contributed to children’s education. The creative device was meant to communicate that every time a bottle of Nihar Shanti Amla would ‘pop’ open, a child would go to school.The hair benefits were subtly weaved into the film’s flow where Vidya Balan plays a teacher.


Media vehicles chosen: TV, print, activation


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The product and emotional benefit should not overshadow each other. Advertising for a social cause tends to be morose or didactic. We wanted to keep it fun, lively and enthusiastic because pride is a positive emotion. We wanted people to feel motivated to do something and not forced out of guilt.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The product and emotional benefit is wrapped up in one positive emotion. A lively, high spirited ad with a social message rather than a depressing guilt trip.


Agency comment: Subhash Kamath, managing partner, BBH India says: “This was one idea which seemed to have all the stars correctly aligned, right from the start. The agency team, the client, Vidya Balan herself and Koushik, the director ..all instantly liked the script. It turned out really well in research too… so, we’re all looking forward to seeing the results in the market.”


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