AdStrat: Hitachi: Cooling off, uninterrupted

29 Apr,2013

Name of the campaign/ad: Life Uninterrupted


The Brief: Win the hearts of the consumers looking to buy an AC through a proposition that connects at an emotive level and is relevant to them.


Research insights: The consumer wants to just switch on his AC and expects to do whatever he does without bothering about comfort & performance. Because, in today’s fast moving life no one likes interruptions.


The thought process behind the creative: To win the heart and mind of the consumers it was imperative to understand what the consumers want. Diving deep into our consumer’s world to find a relevant insight, we took a closer look at our consumer…an evolved mindset, an uncompromising seeker who buys into the best so that he gets consistent performance without any interruptions. And today, in a category where players are desperate to stand differentiated only Hitachi with its iClean technology is not only an innovation in the category, but a true blue differentiator that promises consistent unperturbed comfort.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

Using the relevant consumer insight (‘Comfort isn’t comfort if it is interrupted’) and marrying it with the benefits of iClean technology (which not only gives the consumer a hassle free experience but also ensures consistent uninterrupted performance) gave birth to the idea – ‘life Uninterrupted’.


Media vehicles chosen: Television, Print, Outdoor, Digital & POS


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Hitachi being the thought leader in the AC category, we were very clear right from the start that we don’t want to jargonize the technology rather demystify it for the consumer and connect with them at an emotive level.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? The uniqueness is in the way we have beautifully captured the nuances of daily life and situations that perfectly mirror the sentiment of ease and comfort.


Client comment: Ashok Ray, Head Marketing, Hitachi Home and Life Solutions India Ltd. said, “Our brief was to make an entertaining film which also captures the essence of the product attribute very clearly and that has been achieved. The film is able to communicate the concept very clearly. This will further consolidate Hitachi’s image of being a technologically superior company with amazing products.”


Agency comment: Amit Wadhwa, Senior Vice President,Dentsu Creative Impact Pvt Ltd, said, “The challenge for us was to demystify a technology (iClean), by talking about it in a more consumer friendly language. And deliver it in a way that was typically Hitachi. The beauty of the campaign is that it does all that, in the most simplistic of treatments. The moment we came up with this campaign, the entire team, including the team at the client side, was sure that we had struck the right note. Now, over to the consumers.”


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