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01 Apr,2013

Sunil Kataria, EVP, Marketing and Sales, GCPL


Name of the campaign/ad – Cinthol digital campaign

The Brief

– To drive preference for Cinthol deo spray fragrance for Cinthol

– The objective of the campaign was to create a strong connect for the brand with the people who relishes challenge and are ready to push themselves no matter what the intensity

– TVC should be creative, engaging and build a strong connect with the youth, hence the use of Virat Kohli as the face for the campaign

– Campaign should create a buzz value before its launch and hence social media was utilized


Research insights

– We wanted to connect with young India and their motivation and aspirations in their life

– They aren’t in a rat race and aren’t driven by competition; their motivation is more intrinsic and is centered on making their lives interesting

– Taking on intense stimulating experiences makes them look forward to life and feel intensely alive


The thought process behind the creative

– Through this campaign we wanted to address the people who are intensely alive and to those that get inspired with such kind of people

– Virat is one of India’s brightest and most promising cricketing talent and was the perfect fit for the brand as both resembles being young, energetic, passionate, intense

– Through our products, communication and digital activations Cinthol will showcase and inspire us to be “intensely alive”


Media vehicles chosen

– We have followed an integrated approach where social media was used to create buzz about the whole campaign before the unveiling of final TVC

– We created a twitter campaign #InViratsHead prior to the launch and has received tremendous response through it

– The campaign has just started and has a very positive response. We will continue our media presence in all other mediums like print and radio as well


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad

– While the focus of the campaign was on TVC, the main idea was to create a buzz for the new campaign before the final unveiling of the TVC

– Key challenge in hand was: To make #InViratsHead trend within a couple of hours, so that buzz could be created and sustained for three days till the launch of the commercial


What is the differentiating factor about the ad?

– It’s an attitude driven ad. It talks to people who are really passionate about their life and are ready to push their limits

– The TVC was catchy due to the emotional spin depicted with Virat from being tensed to relish the challenge, looking into the camera menacingly, presumably calling out to the bowler

– Building the excitement before the launch of the TVC through the social media platform

-Facebook, Twitter, you tube was something different that was tried. Our strategy was to seed #InViratsHead by encouraging different flows of conversation. In this was we were able to involve parallel conversations about Virat, India, Cricket and youth. We have developed customized responses of Virat to few consumers to give the personalized touch to interaction. The response was phenomenal. Within 5 hours of its launch on Twitter, #InViratsHead was trending worldwide, including in India and all cities of India

– We have broken the reveal part of our twitter campaign #MakesMeAlive, which basically asked users to contribute with their personal stories and moments

– Together, #InViratsHead and #MakesMeAlive have now garnered more than 30,000 tweets reaching out to 2.5 million people and creating more than 10 million impressions (and counting) in a span of 6 days, giving the campaign more reach and popularity than #WhyThisKolaveri, a hashtag and viral video that had taken not just the nation but the world by storm


Agency comment: “The campaign stays within the ‘Alive is awesome’ realm, but we’ve adopted a slightly different take for deos. Cinthol Deo is about intense fragrances, and Virat fit the bill very well being a passionate, intense competitor on the field. So we said we’d take a peek into his head and see what’s going on inside. And that intensity is something we did not try and put into words, but showed in action,” said Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia.


Client comment: Sunil Kataria, EVP, Marketing and Sales, GCPL, said, “Our new Alive is awesome campaign has been successful in building the desired awareness of our newly revamped product range and packaging identity of the brand. The launch of our new intense range of deo fragrances is sure to surprise and build a strong connect with the young audience.”


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