Abby superjury meets, AGC to announce verdict tomorrow

23 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent

The Creative Abby superjury,  comprising the chairpersons of the 12 categories that are part of the Creative Abby, were scheduled to meet today (Tuesday, April 23) in Mumbai to decide on the fate of the seven-odd complaints of plagiarism that came.

They did meet… the 10 or 11 of the brightest and most creative minds in the business. Note they are not just the most creative minds, but also the most responsible amongst them as they are leaders of their individual agencies or firms.

The task was not easy. Some of the work belonged to the members of the superjury. The decision would have a huge impact on not just the agency, but also the client and the international network. And, mind you, internationally the networks are listed and hence answerable to shareholders.

But there is a fear that along with the creativity, some craftiness may also be at play and some or all members of the superjury may well have decided to vote not to vote. The fear is also that a section of the superjurors may get influenced by hectic lobbying to save the face of the fraternity.

However, even as there were naysayers who said the meeting would be a sham, thousands of those watching the developments believe that the superjury will in fact vote without any biases and any personal stake.

The official word we have received is that the superjury has voted and their decision is now with the 10-member Awards Governing Council who will now announce their verdict.

Even though rumours of the superjury voting not to vote will be counted as mere speculation until the official word is out, the ball now lies with the AGC. There is also a view that in case the superjury has decided not to vote, the AGC is well within its rights to scrap the entire Creative Abby awards in order to ensure that the international ad and marketing fraternity does not believe that plagiarism (and plagiarists) rule in India.

Tough times require tough measures.

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