1 Minute View: Turn off the tap to those offering paid content!

29 Apr,2013

While we are against the government interfering in the affairs of the media and the media in turn asking the government for favours, the only way in which errant news publishers can be taught a lesson for indulging in paid content is by hurting them where it hurts most: stop the favours and grants.


Yes, so no more DAVP ads, special postage rates, pay market rates for property etc.


If newspapers are charging for content, then they aren’t necessarily operating in the ‘social work’ domain, so they may as well be operating in the open market scenario and not get the largesse from the Central and State governments. So, much against our wishes, we would urge the government to intervene.


Note, we aren’t suggesting revoking the licence because we see nothing wrong in newspapers carrying content on entertainment, glamour and parties.


However, paid content – where content is published for a consideration, is an incorrect practice. We aren’t calling it illegal… that’s for various others to decide. But it sure it’s an unethical practice.


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