1 Minute View: Trim with care

30 Apr,2013

It’s heartening to see reports of new appointments in media organisations, so what if some of these are internal elevations.


As we went to publish this morning, we were alerted that some 78 people in the Mumbai of a New Delhi-headquartered TV network were being laid off.


We spoke to the spokesperson of the unnamed channel and were informed that the number isn’t true, and since the production base (PCR) is being shifted from Mumbai to Delhi, employees were being asked to relocate or find other jobs.


It’s unfortunate. While tough times require tough measures, these measures require kid gloves. There are a variety of sensitivities: kids’ education, loan repayments, medical bills and of course day-to-day living.


We hope media organizations rationalizing manpower resources will take into account the human(e) factor. That’s our wish (and plea) on Labour Day eve.


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