1 Minute View: S4 > i5?

26 Apr,2013

Some of you may have seen the glitzy Diana Hayden emcee the launch of the Galaxy Samsung S4 in Gurgaon’s Kingdom of Dreams live at the venue or online. The attempt was to showcase the device and its various features. And how!


Indeed many of these are very cool, and would get people to switch to the S4. But, of course, if you have paid upwards of 30k just a year back for the S3, it remains to be seen how many people upgrade.


In a price sensitive Indian market, we believe the S4 buyer will be users of sub S3 or other handsets. Samsung India officials have clearly stated there is no exchange offer coming up.


What may work in the S4’s favour is the MRP of Rs 41,500. Note this is MRP so we will have retailers offering a lower rate. Plus there are offers coming up from Vodafone.


The big question: is the S4 better than the iPhone 5? Well, it’s got some cool features which don’t exist on the flagship Apple handset. But the experience of the iPhone, like that of any Apple machine, is amazing. And it’s not going to be easy to get a diehard i5 user or even that of an i4 or i4s to make the switch.


So why’s a media, ad and marketing destination like MxMIndia writing about the Samsung Galaxy S4, one may ask. Over the last few years, Samsung has become a significant player in the mobile devices space. Other than the fact that each of these devices has a fantastic adspend budget, they are media vehicles and the newer features that each of them offer can play a huge influence on applications (or apps) that will be developed in future.


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