1 Minute View: 10 Questions for all those associated with the Creative Abby controversy

25 Apr,2013

As the curtains are drawn on a rather forgettable chapter in India’s rich and creative advertising history, there are many questions, the answers to which could tell yet another story.


01. Is there a rule determining whether or not complaints will be entertained on issues concerning plagiarism – either at the shortlist stage or after the awards are announced?

02. Did Goafest 2013 put up the images/audio-video links of the shortlisted entries for people/the fraternity to view?

03. Why did the Goafest Award Governing Council (AGC) accept the complaint against BBDO Proximity and later withdraw the metals awarded to it?

04. Why did the AGC accept various other complaints and also request media to put up a notice saying that no more complaints will be accepted post the evening of April 12?

05. Why did the AGC constitute the superjury and why was a meeting was convened when the consensus was that no complaints should be accepted the judging process should be honoured?

06. Since some of the allegedly plagiarized work is from internationally networked agencies, what is the view of the global and Asia-Pacific headquarters on their agency’s names being drawn into the controversy?

07. And what about the clients? In the case of one ad, the metals awarded to it which have been reinstated, the client was known. Do clients really care about plagiarism? Is the media making too much of it when all that clients care is that their ads must deliver results?

08. Did someone at the superjury meeting suggest that there is a rule that complaints will be accepted only for five days post awards? We are told that no one from the officials or auditors told him/her that there was no such rule at that point, and when they did at the fag end of the meeting, it was too late as that statement may well have influenced the rest of the superjury to ‘unvote’. True?

09. Does the Goafest 2013 committee and the AGC have the rights to disqualify all the entries which are found to be dubious or just scrap the entire Creative Abby awards for this year?

10. Why don’t the agencies which have in fact plagiarized own up and withdraw?


Postscript: MxMIndia undertakes to not name the agencies if they own and withdraw their entries as raised in #10


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