#Scamadgate: Social media bats for Bobby Pawar

28 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


Bobby Pawar may have suffered much humiliation with #Scamadgate, but there was a tone of bravado as he updated his Facebook status with this: “As long as I have them and my family I have everything.” The message accompanied a photograph of members of his family.


Elsewhere, the Twitterati was getting restless. @abanith17h wrote: if Berlusconi can make a come back so can you! God Speed dude!


But there was another sentiment that was growing. @mintmayhem wrote: What’s more tasteless than d #Ford Ads is JWT not owning up to their creative team aft consciously entering ads for Abby’s.


@TinuCherian echoed a similar sentiment: Shaming and Firing your employee publicly is the last thing a company should be doing.


Meanwhile, there were many outpourings of support  in response to his Facebook post. Since these are not in the public domain, we have withheld the name of the person quoted with just the initials. Note there are several more messages, all of which praising Bobby and his work. We’ve picked only a few of these….


MJ: totally agree, the family is the reservoir of strength.


SPB: Well sir, you also have a wit that quite a few with their narrow thinking lack! The sun will shine again tomorrow, I’m sure!


SS1: N the fraternity family! I still do not understand how u responsible – moraly or otherwise..u r not expected to see all pieces of work especially those which will never get published or is a client brief..


RS: At the end of the day, that’s all that matters, Bobby. And you know the whole industry knows what this is all about. A $2Billion ad budget is a tough thing to be weighed against. Yet you walk away with an unscathed rep…Godspeed!


SR: its 2 billion dollar that mattered more than its own people! we have seen the true color of jwt now.


AG: very true bobby..family is indeed the source of everything


SS2: All I know is Sachin is Sachin,Yuvi is back at his best, Tiger Woods is again no 1 and waiting for Bobby to deliver big time


SK: U rock bobby. Been there done enough seen enough lead enough. Enough said. Though you would want always to do more.


SS3: That’s right brother! You are the best person I have had the good fortune to meet iin a long, long time. I cannot tell you how outraged I feel and how close I feel to Sampy, Iti, Ari and you at this moment. You cannot keep a good person down. Certainly not someone as good as you!!!


VM: We all believe in you Bobby. Nothing to worry. A good person and good intentions are important. And you are/have both..


SG: i dont care what they say… i have immense respect for you..


MHS: Jobs come and jobs go and public memory is short. But a true leader sticks by his guns and protects others. That’s what you did and You should be proud of taking the moral responsibility. The industry respects you. It’s sad that the agency didn’t have the balls. Good luck Bobby. Big hug! Xxx


JT: Hey Bobby, When you have your family you don’t need nothing. Move on to bigger happiness that awaits.


NS: I had thought that some juniors will be made scapegoats and thrown under the bus. Don’t know the back story for this decision,but as M said earlier, you should be proud of sticking to your guns and taking responsibility. Best of luck.


There are posts elsewhere too echoing a similar sentiment. There is also outrage against WPP, JWT India boss Colvyn Harris and against Ford. Sample this:

PKS: Sorry, Sir Martin Sorrel, you failed your agency.


AD: CYA policy… cover your ass… and the buck had to stop at someone


AL: Every controversy needs a fall guy…really sad that it had to be Bobby Pawar


MM (edited): While the JWT India scam ad for Ford was dumb, sacking Bobby Pawar for it is dumber. Now I hear he might be hired back as a “consultant”. Smacks of testicular deficiency all around I think. Stand up for your creatives, @Colvyn Harris. Don’t sell them out at the first sign of trouble. Now who with a brain and a backbone will work for you?


KR: Without Ford agreeing to this JWT India scam ad, this would have never ever seen light of the day. All I feel is that, Ford India folk’s heads should have been rolled, not JWT India guys..!!!


IS: Unimaginative. I’d have the creative team, creative bosses and Ford work on and fund a significant campaign against violence against women.


SP: … the days of circa 1990 trikaya , of people with balls is a a tad rare!


RP: Typical of bosses….running away…they dont have the guts to protect their own people…


What Ford and JWT wouldn’t have bargained for was the international media attention that the controversy has generated.


Sample these:


Huffington Post:






Financial Times (blog):

http://blogs.ft.com/beyond-brics/2013/03/27/india-jwt-staff-leave-after-bondage-ad/New York Times (blog)



USA Today:



Wall Street Journal (requires subscription):



Anindya Banerjee still trying to figure out the ‘sexist’ portion in the ads. Looks like a mystery that’s not going to be answered.


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