#Scamadgate: Ford sacks employee who cleared ads + MxM View

28 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


After MxMIndia first wrote that Ford India is equally responsible for #Scamadgate given that the Abby entry was approved by its marketing head (reportedly someone at the level of vice president), Ford India has issued a statement: ”We deeply regret this incident and agree with WPP that it should have never happened. The posters are contrary to our values and everything we believe in at Ford. We sincerely apologize that they ever were created. After internal reviews, both Ford and WPP have taken appropriate actions. We take this very seriously. Together with WPP, we are reviewing our processes and increasing our education efforts to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”


The “appropriate actions” haven’t been elaborated on by Ford’s spokesperson Deeptie Sethi. While Ms Sethi doesn’t give us the name, a report in the Detroit Free Press quotes Jim Farley, Ford’s head of global marketing, as saying in an interview that the Ford India employee who approved and signed off the award for the Abby “no longer works for Ford” (link: http://www.freep.com/article/20130328/BUSINESS0102/130328066/3-employees-at-Ford-of-India-fired-over-controversial-ads).


MxMIndia has the name of the person who signed off the ads for the Abby, but given that there’s no official confirmation at the time of writing, we are not revealing her/his name. What we do know is that the people helming the marketing department at Ford India are: Vinay Piparsania who is Executive Director of Marketing, Sales and Service and Sriram Padmanabhan who is Vice President, Marketing.


Update/Mar 29, 12.30pm:

When quizzed further to identify the employee who has been dispensed with, Ms Seth said: “The Ford India employee no longer is with the company. Per our policy, we will not identify the individual publicly.”


MxM View: While MxMIndia is aware of the name of the person whose services have been terminated with, we will not proactively reveal it. While part of the reason is that we do not have official confirmation, we also believe it will be unfair to the employee, his/her family and to the organisation. We didn’t want to do this with Bobby Pawar and Vijay Simha, but by early morning the name was public. It appeared that JWT India folks didn’t mind the media carrying the names, as it showed the client that they have cleansed themselves. We believe it is an unfortunate development. The fact of the matter is that both organisations do not appear to have any clear policy on scam ads, and all the stuff about standards etc is BS. If there was a policy in place, we wouldn’t have had the scam ads in the first place! We urge JWT India/WPP and Ford India to do their bit to ensure their ex-employees are rehabilitated. That will be their good deed for the Holy Weekend.


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2 responses to “#Scamadgate: Ford sacks employee who cleared ads + MxM View”

  1. Amith Prabhu says:

    Name him but don’t shame him so he does not get hired by a company where he repeats the mistake.

    • mxmadmin says:

      Amith, the problem is that most of these organizations do not have a very clear diktat and policy on scam ads. The fact that they’ve been entered by the agency implies that everyone in the JWT India and Ford India fold are liable. In this case, JWT would’ve paid the entry fee – which is no small amount, the creative guys must’ve got the ad published somewhere by paying minor monies or gotten it published free of cost somewhere and the client has okayed it. Now, however, much the client is hardpressed for time, I am sure it was aware that ads x, y and z were being entered for the awards. They were withdrawn – 13 in all – after the controversy erupted. Bobby Pawar, Vijay Simha and the unnamed Ford employee have been victims of this system which the global bosses of Ford and WPP have allowed to flourish.
      – PM

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