Palasa bags Streax Xenoh deodorants

18 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


Palasa Creative Place, a Mumbai-based agency set up in 2004 by Sandeep Bomble bags the Streax Xenoh Deodorants the adventurous deodrant brand of Hygienic Research Institute Private Limited (HRI).


The commercial features celebrity Rannvijay Singh, Brand Ambassador Streax Xenoh.


Riding on the idea, ‘Live Fearless’ created by Palasa, the new TVC is about the difference and a chase between a group of guys and a single fearless guy. It’s about the decisions that this single protagonist featuring Ranvijay takes with confidence in his stride.


The new TVC highlights the way Xenoh deodorant adds to one’s personality. The basic message is to convey that if you are fearless, you get things your way.  At the same time, through this commercial the new Xenoh variant Night Out is introduced.


Sandeep Bomble

Speaking on the idea and the concept behind the commercial, Sandeep Bomble, Founder & Creative Director, Palasa Creative Place, said, “The thought was to portray that the attitude of the man lies in his confidence to face the world. Also we had debates on things that impress women and we came to a conclusion that no doubt good looks, roses, letters, etc are known to impress them but today women seek beyond these things. They look up to men who are fearless and confident. Thus, Palasa’s idea of ‘Live Fearless’ perfectly blends with the thought, which gives man a larger than life attitude. Hence we personified the product to something that brings forth the fearless instinct of the man that allows him to go ahead and get what he desires.”


With increasing competition in the deodorant segment, the communication breaks free from the clutter of today Indian men becoming extremely conscientious about their personal grooming and hygiene levels. The brief was simply to retain the oomph factor but have something more as an idea that could be communicated to the audience and not simply go the cliched way of showing the girl being attracted to man with just the whiff of the fragrance. Men love sports and adventure; however this passion also brings along with it the unnecessary baggage of body odour.



Client: Streax Xenoh Deodorant

Executive Director, HRIPL: Ashish K Chhabra

Concept: Palasa Creative Place

Production: Red Ice Films


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