One Big Idea by Suraj Nambiar

12 Mar,2013

By Suraj Nambiar, Partner, Digital, Mindshare


One big idea that will be a game-changer is when the digital strategist truly embraces brand communications planning. Currently we still look at digital as a different medium that will deliver some magical result as compared to the other mediums. This starts from the briefing stage where most brands will have a different digital brief tagged along with the mainline. True integrated planning will start with one brief for all mediums and the strategy will merge different communication touchpoints to deliver the brand objective.


Today, users are evolved in consuming content, and they look at the web either on their laptop, PC, pad or smartphone as just another screen. Content has moved from airing to sharing and these touchpoints that have the capability to engage audience through interactivity also have the power to deliver a brand story just like TV or print. It is up to the strategist to frame it and make the brand promise social by design.


With increase speeds and merging of technology and screens it is imperative that clients and agencies will have to look at communications planning without a lens to meet the brand objective.


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