One Big Idea by Supriyo Sinha: Going micro, beyond metros

25 Mar,2013

By Supriyo Sinha, Vice President, Bengali Dailies, ABP


Over the next few years, advertisers will see discontinuous value in print advertising through micromarketing in locations beyond the metros. There are three main reasons that will drive this discontinuity:


(a) Advertisers are increasingly looking at tier 2/3 and semi-urban locations for the next wave of growth in India, (b) while metro locations have a large penetration of alternate advertising media, e.g., TV, FM radio, print, etc, tier 2/3 and semi-urban locations have a predominance of print, (c) this predominance will continue for a reasonably long time in these locations – some of the factors that have driven the drop in print advertising in the Western markets, e.g. internet penetration, web-literacy etc., are reasonably behind in the tier 2/3 locations (in relative terms with respect to metros). In addition, vernacular print medium will enjoy a special advantage, since in the semi-urban and tier 2/3 locations vernacular has a stronger bond than English.


In order to capture this opportunity, print players have to develop some important enablers: (a) develop customised location-specific content to engage readers of that location and (b) build advertising sales teams that are equipped to penetrate the real micromarkets.


Such a proposition will be a winning formula for advertisers – both national/MNC and local. While large national/MNC advertisers will get the next wave of growth from such a play, small/ medium local advertisers will have a much ‘closer’ view of the returns they get from their advertising buck. Beyond just the brand building and sales value, advertisers will increasingly be able to get a real pulse of the consumers in these markets through the print medium (which remains the most widespread communication medium in these locations).


Go beyond the metros. Go micro. That’s the winning formula for print advertising!


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