One Big Idea by Sanjay Mehta: The thrust around social media analytics needs to grow

28 Mar,2013

By Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength


When MxM India posed the question to me, as to what is that one big idea that can be a game-changer for social media, in India, I admit that I was lost in thought, trying to figure it out.


There are the usual suspects of ideas, which could have a significant impact, e.g.

a. Higher bandwidth availability to users

b. Cheaper tariffs for Internet access

c. The increase in the proliferation of smart phones in the country

d. Content availability in regional languages Etc.


Yes, these reasons have been shared in many a previous wish list, for digital, and for social media as well. And while they are all valid reasons, which would impact social media in India, they would first impact the use of digital media, and only as a consequence of that would they impact social media.


So I searched harder. And searched especially from the point of view of companies and brands.


And what I am seeing is that the adoption of social media would be a lot larger and with a lot of conviction from the brands, if only the brand managers and the CMOs knew what really was going on, out there!


And what that points to is social media analytics.


If they had seriously measurable answers to questions like:

> How many people are talking about my brand?

> Who are these people – demography, psychography and so on?

> What are these people saying?

> Are they discussing my product?

> Are they close to purchase? And if not, are they close to other calls of action?

> What is the demography of the people we are connected with?

> Are they influencers? Does one of their opinions go a long way to influence many others? And if so, who are these influencers and what are they talking about my brand? And my competitor’s brand??


Some of these questions are answered by the present-day tools in the market. Some need value-added efforts on top of the existing tools. And some need to be well thought through, and solutions need to be evolved.


So my call is that, a significant thrust on the quality, easy availability and prices of social media analytics, can be the one big idea, which can change the game for adoption of social media in India, going ahead.


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