One Big Idea by Sameer Ganapathy: Personalization at the consumer’s fingertips

04 Mar,2013

By Sameer Ganapathy, Executive Director, Movie Channels and Channel Distribution, DisneyUTV


Today’s television industry is in a constant state of flux and is working towards designing and delivering programmes that meet audiences’ demands. Audience viewing habits have dramatically changed – never before has TV viewing been so personal. There is a complete shift in consumer expectations and audiences are looking for greater personalization and customization of content on television.


In a continuous effort to adapt to ever-changing needs, broadcasters are focusing on genre-specific programming, tailoring their profile to reflect the uniqueness and density of audience tastes. This transparency has resulted in an outburst of channels spanning several genres like sports, food, comedy, action kids, lifestyle, youth and many more. Like all television genres, action has carved a niche for itself. The action genre is among the most exciting film genres in the world and has recently seen a flurry of launches. National and regional media conglomerates either have entered or have plans to venture into the genre. Despite the fragmentation that has happened in the entertainment world, this is one genre which continues to garner GRPs and viewership as it cuts across all barriers and appeals to all kinds of audiences.


The future of Indian television is going to be in niches; the more you can offer options which target a certain psychographic of the target audience, the more it is actually going to find appeal. As India moves towards digitization, the pay revenue model will become a part of the mainstream model, resulting in an influx of genre-specific channels.


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