One Big Idea by S Yesudas: Need a common yardstick for measuring impact of advertising

06 Mar,2013

By S Yesudas, Managing Director – Indian, sub-continent, Vizeum


When I was asked for my perspective, the first question that crossed my mind is if there’s indeed such a line that divides something above and below in the consumer’s mind. Actually there isn’t one. We also have a new line now – ‘On’line. Each of these have different ways of being measured too, making it quite complicated for the advertisers. With increasing demands for accountability from the clients end, one of the biggest moves could be to look at the possibility of a common yardstick for measuring the impact of advertising across media. The below-the-line operators are more suited to do this considering the future of advertising – moving to mass to direct. The above-the-line focused operators will not find it easy to make changes considering the quantum of money invested through the current measurement mechanisms. This opens a door for people who are willing to invest and perhaps also learn through the process and emerge victorious.


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