One Big Idea by Niloufer Dundh: Mobile is the big medium to focus on

05 Mar,2013

By Niloufer Dundh, Founder of Ventes Dundh (formerly Sr Vice-President & Head, Integrated Media, Hungama Digital)


Every medium has a role to play. I have been lucky to have worked across print, radio, television, out of home and digital. This diverse exposure has taught me that it’s very important to understand the role your medium can play to truly get the maximum for your client/brand.


As for the ‘One Big Idea’, I think mobile is the medium to focus on. And why not? That’s the only medium we give our 100% to. It’s the only medium we consume solo. I would bet on mobile as it allows us to reach where Unilever can’t distribute and where SBI can’t possibly open a branch, we have for a long time discussed how TV s penetration in rural India is still abysmal.


So what must a mobile plan endeavour to provide a client/brand:

• Ability to micro target an area, vicinity or a location

• Ability to elicit consumption as its possibly the last screen a consumer will interact with before purchase


The one big idea that mobile needs besides the two unique properties listed above (which only a mobile plan can provide) is some “awe” content experience, that’s something that television provides in India. If we can come up with a large content property that is sustainable and with a celebrity then mobile advertising will find a new high amongst marketers as this will lend talkability to mobile advertising which is currently missing – the wow factor can only be provided by content.


Here at Hungama, we took baby steps with Mobisur – a digital reality hunt using the mobile IVR platform as a means to allow anyone with talent to just pick up the phone and sing with renowned singer Shankar Mahadevan. This is the just the beginning and I am sure in the years to follow there will be many more… Possibly a MasterChef on mobile!!


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