One Big Idea by Nikhil Gandhi: Streamlining choices for a crowded mindspace

22 Mar,2013

By Nikhil Gandhi, Executive Director, Youth Channels, Medianetworks Disney UTV


The discerning Indian youth audience is confident and informed. They are articulate about their preferences and choose to engage with preferred brands, with a choice of content across multiple platforms and touch points. If you see the media engagement of a young Indian’s life today, he is exposed to 24 hours of communication and brand engagement which occupies his mindspace for attention.


In such a scenario, any player in the youth segment needs to move beyond just the television numbers game. In fact, we as a youth brand need to seek out what they want, when and where they want it and be able to provide it exactly there. Working on this insight has been the ‘big idea’ which has the potential to catapult youth brands into the target audience’s consideration set faster than ever before.


Be it compelling content on TV, engagement on the web and mobile, rendezvous at live experiences correlated to their points of interest like music, celebrities, youth icons – everything needs an extensive, exciting and engaging with a 360-degree presence.


At Bindass, our constant research over the years has enabled us to delve deep into the fabric of young India and understand their fundamental tastes and preferences and changing trends. We have been able to create a youth brand which engages with them with a purpose. This means extending the bindass experience across platforms through innovative concepts like Chikipedia on the web, cutting edge show formats like Big Switch, Superdude, Emotional Atyachaar etc on TV, hi-octane live music events/concerts with exposure to international and popular local artists like Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, David Guetta and much more. Also taking the experience across to the campus with properties like Bindass Buddies & Campus Attack.


The same philosophy also extends to our Bollywood brand UTV Stars. The brand was launched with a view to create exceptional Bollywood content and get the viewer closer to their icons. Within less than a year of launch, UTV Stars has made inroads into the web and ‘on-ground’ space in a big way via prestigious associations with People Magazine, Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards, Lap Buddh Circuit After Parties and launching its first on-ground IP, the iconic Walk of the Stars! The brand is poised to become the ultimate Bollywood destination online with 45 mn+ video views on YouTube and 6 hundred thousand fans on facebook in less than a year.
The youth of today are influencers of change and the ‘mantra’ is to create impact and influence them across mediums they prefer to engage in.


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