One Big Idea by Joydip Kapadia: Digitization, a game changer!

12 Mar,2013

By Joydip Kapadia, Executive Vice President, What’s-On-India


“I hate television. I hate it as much as I hate peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.”

– Orson Welles


Orson Welles said it right; you just cannot stop watching television, be it analogue or digital. Even TV’s inventor, Philo T Farnsworth, would never have imagined what his invention would have to go through in this age.


Television in India is at a threshold of change in the way content will be delivered, searched, consumed and measured. This will make all the stakeholders to look and understand television consumption differently that itself is going to be a game-changer.


A simple media research design will have to be now looked at very differently for a simple reason that a lot of data will be available readily at the click of a button which in earlier days was collected by foot soldiers going house to house.


Digital makes automation a lot easier. There is nothing to stop operators from providing STBs that can track which household is watching what on television, and the same box can also allow consumers to surf the web.


Soon there will be smart devices that will enable viewers to search and select content they want to watch, and use the same device to go to that content on their TV sets without bothering what channel it is aired on.


And what will stop the consumer from watching content on that same smart device? And can the device enable viewers to post a comment about the content on social media using the same device? The options are never-ending.


All these connected devices will be strong sources of information to understand consumption habits. At a conservative estimate, the data and information in the TV business is set to increase by almost 75-100 times over the next three years.


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