One Big Idea by Gautam Kiyawat: Going back to basics will help news channels

19 Mar,2013

By Gautam Kiyawat, CEO, Madison Media


The future of News, as we know it, is not in broadcast. It is in individuals accessing news on their time, on their screen of choice, about areas they are interested in.
It is not about who breaks it first or who shouts loudest. It is about well-presented points of view backed by analysis, even if it is after the event.


Shouting heads, sometimes six at a time on split screens, do not make for compelling viewing. A news anchor is a guest in your living room and will do a lot better to behave that way on screen.


Broadcast news needs to take a bold, deep breath and get back to the basics. Analysis and presentation, wrapped in a unique positioning – that forms the bedrock of programming.


My holy grail is Fox News. Ignore their political stance; it is up there right on top of the news broadcast mountain. A single-minded, bold positioning leading to an incredibly strong programming lineup. Less focus on news, much more on analysis and opinion. Packaged and presented with professionalism, enthusiasm. And pride.


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