One Big Idea by Colin Lawrence: Thirst for info in an age of changing geo-pol coords

26 Mar,2013

By Colin Lawrence, Director of Distribution, BBC Global News Ltd


“Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind.”
– Mahatma Gandhi


Certainly a big idea but not a new one! I’m afraid Mahatma Gandhi got there first. As India cements its position as a dynamic emergent economy, global competition for capital, consumers and knowledge has never been greater. As a global news provider, the BBC’s values and ambitions in delivering trusted and impartial international news and insight have never been greater. Enabling our viewers to live the story through original authored journalism, and providing them with the narrative to the rapidly evolving and changing geo-political environment around them.


We are now focusing on making that information available to our Indian audiences, on television, radio and online, and not surprisingly, those audiences are growing.
According to the latest Ipsos PAX survey (Q2 2012), BBC World News is the top English news channel in India among affluent viewers, and when compared against both international and domestic news channels in India, it is the #1 news channel among India’s top executives, BDMs, investors, travellers and tech-savvy young Indians.
Viewers in India will have much to look forward to when BBC World News moves to its new base in Central London in the upcoming months. New HD studios, dynamic presentation and state of the art graphics will showcase the BBC’s established journalistic credentials in an engaging and compelling way.


Our business is cutting through the hubris and hyperbole of headline news, to provide the depth, rigour and insight we all need.


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