One Big Idea by Anisha Motwani: ‘Research’ is the word

07 Mar,2013

By Anisha Motwani, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.


It is necessary that the broadcasters and advertisers work in tandem to create something that will steer the big game changer for FM Radio. The most important measure that will leapfrog the business of Radio if carefully thought and implemented is research.


“Research” is the word.

Research – To prove that the money spent is spent wisely. The stakeholders – Broadcasters, Advertisers and the Ministry should come together to create a fool-proof research system that will determine the rupee spent and listeners reached out to effectively.


Can we create a home grown research model with assistance from the best minds rather than waiting for the Western influence? Research can drive satisfaction, can drive confidence – which is at a low, can drive tangibility, can drive acceptance of the medium among regular and new advertisers.


Research is the dimension which needs focus from all the stakeholders, an aspect which is currently missing. These are some of the reasons on why it is important for this medium to grow and be a game changer in the future.


Accordingly, appropriate steps could be taken to shape the overall landscape of this growing medium.


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