One Big Idea by Aditya Swamy: Evolution from the idiot box to the smartphone

20 Mar,2013

By Aditya Swamy, EVP & Business Head, MTV


In 2020, for an 18-year-old, the smartphone was in his home before he was born. Just as the internet was for a person born in the 90s. With the rate of adoption of technology increasing rapidly, the emergence of the smartphone as a platform and not just a device is the next big leap in our industry and this will change the way content is produced, distributed and consumed forever.


While people primarily use their televisions and computers to view content, trends clearly indicate that they will start using multiple devices to access this digitized content and in India, smartphones will have the lion’s share of this new device adoption.


Singapore leads the world at 7.2%, which is the traffic that comes from non-computer devices. India is still only at half that at 3.7%, but what’s interesting is that a whopping 90% of this comes from mobile phones. In 2011, 150 MM smartphones were sold in India. The 3G user base is projected to hit 200 MM by 2016. And increased Wi-Fi availability is making mobile connectivity a very real experience.


The interface is moving from the large screen to small, attention spans are getting crunched, and with each passing day content options are increasing exponentially. This will mean looking at our business through a very different lens from what we do today.


At MTV, we see ourselves as content producers first, being in the business of young people, and not as broadcasters. The more platform-agnostic our content is, the more advantage we can take of this increasingly fragmented device diet among young people. And the more time we spend being our audience, the more naturally we will evolve with them. Stay Hungry, Stay Raw !


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