O&M creates women’s safety campaign for Mum cops

14 Mar,2013

By A Correspondent


With growing incidences of attacks on women and drop in safety in public places, the Mumbai Police have reached out to the citizens of Mumbai to reassure them that they are doing their best to keep girls and women safe. This is being done in a campaign created by Ogilvy Mumbai. The agency created an integrated campaign consisting of film, outdoor and radio with integrated messaging that speaks to men as well as women.


Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Group Creative Director Ogilvy Mumbai, says, “The two-pronged approach is we believe what makes this campaign different and it will also be the reason why it will work. The same ad encourages the women to come forward and not tolerate abuse in any form, and the same ad firmly warns the men that abuse will not be tolerated in any form.”


The Mumbai police spokesperson in each film first addresses women and then in the second message addresses men. The messaging comprises two parts – an internal as well as in external communiqué. The internal films aim to sensitize the police to everyday incidents/fears faced by women and will be run at all Police Stations in Mumbai; the external films encourage women to report these cases and will be run on media channels. This will make sure the citizens and the force are on the same page.


Abhijit Avasthi

Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director Ogilvy India adds, “The most important decision was using real police officers, both men and women from within the Mumbai Police Force. The reason for this was that we wanted the campaign to be an honest conversation between the police and the city.”


In each film the police officer talks candidly to the women and when we think the commercial has ended, the officer returns and talks to the men. Though the words largely remain the same for the two genders, the method of delivery ensures that the message is different for women and men.


Kainaz Karmakar, Group Creative Director Ogilvy Mumbai points out, “If the message did not sound true it would not work. That was why we discarded many ideas before deciding on this. Every piece is simple and tackles a real fear in the silent victim’s mind. For a variety of reasons, the police station just around the corner is often the longest walk for a victim.”


Code Red Films and Avadhut Hembade were involved in the process to shape the TV and print campaign, respectively. It was Gajraj’s idea to hold a series of workshops to help the Police Officers get comfortable in front of the camera.


Gajraj Rao, Code Red Films says, “Team Code Red is proud to be associated with this Mumbai Police and Ogilvy Initiative. This campaign has the promise to bring to the fore the human face of our fellow citizens in khaki. As part of this great city, we felt we had to contribute to an environment where women feel free to reach out to the police for help.”


Navin Talreja, President Ogilvy Mumbai & Kolkata says, “How can we be in the communication business and not use our talent for a cause like this? What do we expect from this campaign? Nothing will change overnight and it is reasonable to expect that. The journey from fear to faith cannot be completed in one day or with one campaign. However, with this effort we will hopefully move one step closer to making women feel like there is someone watching out for them.”



National Creative Director: Abhijit Avasthi

Group Creative Directors: Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Kainaz Karmakar

Creative Team: Rajeshwari Rao, Sagar Parab, Gaurav Kumar and Vishakha Modak

President Mumbai and Kolkatta: Navin Talreja

Account Management: Hirol Gandhi, Nikhil Mohan, Sudarshan Srinivasan and Avtar Singh Negi

Account Planning: Prem Narayan

Agency film production executive: Vikrant Mishra

Photographer: Avadhut Hembade

Production House: Code Red Films

Producer: Subrat Ray

Director: Gajraj Rao


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